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Clinical experience for students is an essential component of their education. By working with experts, students are able to develop their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real life situations. Preceptors serve as role models who assist students in the development of discipline specific and interprofessional practice. The nature of interprofessional experiences provides opportunities for students from different disciplines to interact with one another. In this type of learning environment, there can be a sharing of professional perspectives and an understanding of roles and responsibilities. The clinical experience now includes exposure to shared areas of care and awareness of how working together improves patient outcomes.


Determining Organizational Readiness

If you are interested in your agency becoming a site for interprofessional education, the following questions are intended to assist in planning for a preceptorship program in your agency...(more)


Entry to Practice

Setting up the educational experience in the beginning is very important for success. It is a time for understanding learning needs, establishing communication networks and identifying...(more)


Providing Interprofessional Education

Interprofessionality is defined as “the development of a cohesive practice between professionals from different disciplines”. It is a process by which professionals engage in collaborative...( more)


Giving Feedback

Collaborative practice requires time to sort through ambiguity that can exist when working with diversity. Evaluation is useful for working through the ambiguity and necessary for continued growth as a...(more)


Connecting Online

Online methods of teaching can support face-to-face instruction by allowing students opportunities for discussion, review of information and access to web-based resources...(more)

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Key Challenges


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