Giving Feedback

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Collaborative practice requires time to sort through ambiguity that can exist when working with diversity. Evaluation is useful for working through the ambiguity and necessary for continued growth as a professional. Summative evaluation occurs at the end of the experience or a summary of performance. In addition to summative evaluation, to succeed, on-going, daily feedback is required to acknowledge progress, provide guidance, encourage growth, and develop knowledge and skills as collaborative practitioners. This is known as formative evaluation, or daily feedback (Burns, Beauchesne, Ryan-Krause, & Sawin, 2006). Both types of feedback are required for successful development of a collaborative practice.

What is the purpose of feedback?

To provide summative and formative evaluation on interprofessional education competencies. 

icon General Feedback Guidelines for Preceptors (PDF)
icon Evaluation Strategies to Direct Learning Opportunities (PDF)
icon Promoting Collaborative Practice through Feedback (PDF)

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