4.1.3 Standards and Performance Indicators

ImageAfter the team has defined both the vision for interprofessional team-based care and the roles within the team, developing standards and performance indicators can serve as evaluation criteria to further guide the implementation of the change strategy.

Standards help in change implementation since they represent an agreed upon way to approach service delivery.  Similarly, performance indicators are helpful since they provide evaluation criteria for change implementation.
Reviewing change efforts through the use of the performance indicators at stated intervals by comparing where the team is with where it would like to be allows for feedback to be incorporated into the change process and, if needed, course correction. 

Both standards and indicators contribute to the change strategy by clearly outlining what is required to produce the results outlined in the interprofessional vision (Clancy & Tornberg, 2007; The British Standards Institution, 2009).

IconDevelop Team Standards (PDF)

IconDevelop Performance Indicators (PDF)

IconTools For Measurement (PDF)

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