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In the discussion on building supportive environments for interprofessional practice and education, the team is one of the central considerations in the change process. This section outlines how to get started building or developing your team by observing and exploring how your current team aligns with requirements for care. 


Assessing Team Dynamics

In looking at all of the components of building interprofessional practice, the first step is to review how your team functions and determine how it organizes work and knowledge.  Basic team skills are essential for the development of....(more)


Determining the Appropriate Care Delivery Model

The type of teamwork is influenced to a large extent by the type of patient care services. Once you have assessed the current level of team functioning, it is important to determine if the way the team functions is meeting health care needs effectively...(more)


Working with CAM Providers

This section outlines what an interprofessional team needs to consider in order to prepare for successful integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers into the interprofessional team ...(more)

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Key Challenges


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