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Preparing a supportive environment for interprofessional practice in your organization will involve a change from the current way of doing things.  Change is accomplished through a process of structured activities designed to pave the way for desired outcomes. The first set of structured activities involves changes at the organizational or administrative level.  In the following section, administrative input for creating supportive organizational cultures for interprofessional practice and education is outlined.  Moving your organization towards patient-centred, interprofessional team-based care will generally require an innovative approach to change.  Regardless how providers have delivered care in the past in your agency, what is important is discovering what the best way is to do it now (Davenport, 1993).

A Framework for Creating a Supportive Environment

The framework below gives an overview of this section.  It provides a quick look at the administrative challenges and a more detailed account of the change management strategies required to meet them.


Please, use the framework below to quickly navigate through this section.

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Key Challenges


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