Preparing a Supportive Environment

Preparing a supportive environment for interprofessional practice in your organization will involve a change from the current way of doing things... (read more)



Committing to Organizational Champions

Thompson (2009) replaced the traditional change curve of shock, denial, resistance, exploration and commitment with a new one that reflects... (read more)



Examining Patient Care Services

In the discussion on building supportive environments for interprofessional practice and education, the team is one of the central considerations for changes to organizational processes. This section... (read more)



Interprofessional Change

Up to this point, the team has reflected upon the type of teamwork they provide and how it aligns with the new patient care delivery model... (read more)



Developing Preceptorships

Clinical experience for students is an essential component of their education. By working with experts, students are able to develop their ability... (read more)




This section provides an implementation evaluation plan for interprofessional education of students within your organization. The purpose of... (read more)

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